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Our collection of Studio pottery began when I married the brother of a fine potter  - Jane Francisca 'Fan' Blackburne, who trained with some of the best - Chelsea, the late Seth Cardew at Wenford Bridge, the potters at La Borne.


Seeing her work & meeting her talented friends started a small collection which grew into a large one. My thanks to Fan & to my long-suffering husband & young son.


The pots here are from my personal collection but some can be purchased (see Sales drop down menus above) to make room for new ones! Some I am afraid we can never part with but I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we do. The Wenford Bridge & Winchcombe collections are treasured & include some fine Cardew pieces. If you see a photo of a pot you would like more information about or more photos of, please email via contact details below (if you double click a gallery photo the title should tell you who the pot is by)


Feedback is always appreciated . I hope you find the site interesting and maybe inspiring.



Wendy Blackburne




Cheddington Studio Pottery Collection


The Blackburnes